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The Walk


FLOGA is seeking the support of well-meaning FLOGA-ites and Nigerians in general to help make our walk meaningful and successful. As you may already be aware, FLOGA will be "Walking for the Girl Child" on 14th October, 2017 in Abuja as part of events to mark the 3rd edition of her AGM/National Reunion.

What do we mean by a meaningful and successful walk?

One of the aims of the walk is to create awareness about the prevalence and ills of domestic violence in the society, but beyond that, we would like to also drum up support for victims of domestic violence and child rape.

For the walk to be meaningful, it needs to create the awareness it seeks. We need to have people join us in their numbers for the walk and draw the attention of the society. We will also need various media campaigns to get the word out there.

For the walk to be successful, we need to go beyond the walk to actually provide support for victims by working with NGOs and Government Agencies who work directly with the victims. Many victims have remained in abusive homes and relationships simply because they either do not know better or they simply cannot help themselves. Helping them to gain a skill with which they can become financially independent is one way to start.

So, the question is this: HOW CAN YOU HELP?

  • Direct Sponsorship of any aspect of the walk 
  • Sponsor a Junior to the AGM

Below are some areas available for direct sponsorship (Individual or Corporate):

  1. Ambulance with 2 paramedics (1-day Lease).
  2. 18 Seater Bus for Logistics (2-day Lease).
  3. Media Coverage (Radio and Online Media)
  4. Water for 100 participants.
  5. Energy drinks for 100 participants.
  6. Snacks for 100 participants.
  7. Sound System and Music for the walk
  8. T-Shirts for 50 participants (To be given away free of charge)
  9. Security and Traffic Control (Nigerian Police Force & FRSC)
  10. Donation to two NGOs for Skill Aquisition programs

To sponsor a Junior to the AGM, please help the Register for the AGM (#10,000.00) and also purchase their T-Shirt (#2,500). They are willing and able to join their voices with ours. Help them achieve their dream!

For further details please call 08034865490

Payments may be made to FLOGA NATIONAL, DIAMOND BANK, 0075326479.

Let us aspire to make a difference!





FLOGA will be "Walking for the Girl Child" come 14th October, 2017 in Abuja. It is one of the highlights of this year's AGM/National Reunion, as FLOGA seeks to join her voice with all those in support of victims of Domestic Violence and Child Rape.

The month of October is World Domestic Violence Awareness month. What better way to create awareness and break the silence than to step out boldly in this way?

Here's how you can participate:

1. Prepare to attend the National Reunion by registering either online or via SMS and paying your Registration fees (#10,000).

2. Purchase a T-shirt ((#2,500) either by ordering online or via SMS
NOTE: The T-shirt will be worn during the walk.

3. Show up for the walk! The support is in the walk itself. We shall take off from the Grand Cubana hotel, Jabi at 6.00am and terminate at the Jabi Lake Mall. 2.5km (Approx. 40mins of regular paced walking)

4. Sponsor someone for the walk. You cannot make it to Abuja in the 14th of October? We really wish you could make it but since you may be unable to, why not sponsor someone who is willing to be there but may not have the means?
You could pay registration fees of #10,000 on their behalf or simply pay for their T-shirt #2,500. You could just make a donation and the Planning Committee will allocate the resources in the best possible way.

5. Sponsor an aspect of the walk. We shall be needing first aid kits, water and energy drinks, a bus for logistics, free T-shirts, placards and banners. Please call 08034865490 to find out details of sponsorship opportunities.

6. Spread the news! This walk is open to the general public. Anyone who is interested in joining their voices with us is welcome to walk with us. Tell them about it.

For further details please call 08034865490

Payments may be made to FLOGA NATIONAL, DIAMOND BANK, 0075326479.

Let us aspire to make a difference!